About Crowdfunding

Welcome to The University of Sydney’s integrated crowdfunding platform, where students, faculty, staff members and researchers can raise money to fund projects that impact the University and beyond.

The Division of Alumni and Development are looking for project proposals that demonstrate the following:

 - Compelling to donors and potential donors

 - Highlight outstanding University of Sydney students, projects, and programs

 - Represent the Universities’ priorities 

 - Have a committed team of campus, alumni, and/or student volunteers

 - Have realistic fundraising goals

We want you to be successful! And successful crowdfunding campaigns don’t just happen – they require a clear goal, a committed project team, and a community to promote their project. 

What type of projects are best suited for crowdfunding?

Your crowdfunding campaign’s success relies heavily on your existing networks and your commitment to engage those networks by asking them to support your project. In order to maintain momentum, you need to keep your network updated across the course of the project with engaging content, encouraging them to also share with their wider networks.

Projects with a mass market appeal tend to have the most success with crowdfunding. Without a community that’s connected to the problem that you’re trying to solve, there’s no reservoir of potential supporters, outside of your personal contacts for you to promote the cause to.

How does the University of Sydney’s crowdfunding platform work?

The University of Sydney’s crowdfunding platform features projects with a set fundraising target, open for a limited time (between 14-60 days). Project owners must engage their direct networks of friends, family, and supporters, and ask each of them to engage their direct networks, to reach their fundraising targets.

Unlike some other crowdfunding platforms, the University does not give donors any material benefits, nor does it refund gifts if fundraising goals are not met. This means all funds raised will still go towards the project they are supporting, even if the projects goal is not met. That being said, to maximise the success of the platform and the subsequent projects it will host, our goal is to for every project to meet or exceed its target.

Crowdfunding Application Process

Enquiries are now being accepted for worthy projects in 2017. Please email us about our Crowdfunding Project Guide at development.fund@sydney.edu.au.

It is important to note that not all project enquiries will be deemed appropriate for crowdfunding.

Once an enquiry has been vetted and deemed successful, the project leader will receive a crowdfunding application which they must fill out and submit within 2 weeks of receipt.

The Sydney Development Fund team or relevant Faculty Research Manager will review the enquiry and liaise with the project leader regarding any questions and additional information required before an application can be submitted.

Crowdfunding policies

i. Crowdfunding projects are affiliated with The University of Sydney and non-profit in nature.

ii. Each campaign has a sponsoring faculty, program or centre, which receives 100% of the funds raised at the completion of the campaign.

iii. The University of Sydney is an educational institution with a mission to provide excellent teaching, research, and public service. All gifts must be compliant with the institution's mission and projects must align with the University’s purpose. Projects cannot violate any laws. All gifts must be spent on the project's expenses as stipulated on the project's crowdfunding platform. Projects must support university programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third-party or passed through to other charities.

iv. Crowdfunding campaigns are approved by submitting an enquiry/project pitch to the Research Team and/or the Sydney Development Fund team depending on the nature of the campaign.

v. Staff from the Division of Alumni and Development work closely with the project team to provide guidance, strategic crowdfunding management and consulting in communications, design, video production and any fundraising opportunities; however, it is the responsibility of the project leader to drive the campaign.

vi. Each campaign is managed by project leaders that are willing to create and market promotion materials before, during and after the campaign.

vii. All content on project pages will be approved by the University of Sydney. The University has the right to edit, or require edits by the project leader, at any point in the campaign.

viii. The University’s Alumni and Development team will provide all official tax receipts issued to donors.

ix. The University will not disclose any contact data on alumni, parents, friends or students to the project team.

x. Premiums and services are not to be used to induce gifts. Incentives and sales, such as, and without limitation, bake sales, t-shirt giveaways, car washes, or similar events or activities, are not permissible, as it affects a donor's right to a full tax deduction for his/her gift.

We just want to say thank you!

Our donors are game changers. They enable us to forge ahead with world-leading teaching and research, provide students with support to pursue their educational dreams, update and build state-of-the-art facilities, and integrate Indigenous perspectives in all we do. Donors are the cornerstones of the University. They transform lives and allow us to imagine more.

If you have any questions or for more information about starting a crowdfunding project, please call +61 2 8627 8818, or email development.fund@sydney.edu.au

The University of Sydney FAQ

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is just as the name suggests – funding generated by lots of people coming together for one cause. It is a way of helping important, exciting and innovative University of Sydney projects get the funding they need to get underway. We reach out to broad networks and encourage gifts from as many supporters as possible.

How does crowdfunding work at The University of Sydney?

Our crowdfunding website features projects with set fundraising targets for a limited time. Project owners aim to reach their fundraising targets by encouraging their professional networks as well as friends, family and the public to donate and help spread the word.

There are many different forms of crowdfunding. Unlike some other crowdfunding platforms, for all gifts of $2 or more to a University of Sydney crowdfunding project you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Will my gift be returned if a project doesn’t meet its fundraising goal?

No, projects on the University of Sydney crowdfunding platform are carefully selected so that even small amounts of money raised will make a difference and will be put to use. We believe that projects should be able to keep the funds raised even if they don’t quite reach their total funding goal. In return we expect each of our project teams to make some progress in achieving their goals, even if they have not been fully funded.

What happens if the project doesn’t reach its fundraising goal?

The funds raised will still go towards the selected project’s activities to be used for the purposes of the specified project. We select our projects carefully so that even a small amount of money will help it to progress.

What happens if the project surpasses its fundraising goal?

We put any extra funds raised towards the selected project to further its activities. The University of Sydney’s Division of Alumni and Development will work closely with the project team before a project’s launch to ensure that any additional funds can be used for the purposes of the project.

Does all of my contribution go towards my nominated project?

Yes, 100 percent of your contribution goes towards your nominated project. The University does not deduct any administration fees.

Tax deductions

The University of Sydney has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status for Australian income tax purposes.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, the University will issue receipts for gifts of $2 or more.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your gift will automatically be processed once you click “submit” on the crowdfunding website.

Are gifts from overseas accepted?

Yes, the University accepts gifts made outside Australia. The University does not make representations as to the tax treatment of such gifts – you will need to seek your own advice on tax deductions in your country.   

Can I get a refund for a gift I have made?
No – if you have any questions, please email development.fund@sydney.edu.au.

Are there any limitations on who is eligible to make a gift?

If an individual has direct influence over the use of funds, or could receive any material advantage from making the gift, they are not eligible to make a gift toward the project.  All gifts to The University of Sydney are subject to The University of Sydney’s Gift Acceptance Policy (see http://sydney.edu.au/policies/).

How is my privacy protected?

The information you provide on the donation form is collected by the University of Sydney to maintain contact and keep you up-to-date with information about the University, its activities, services, events and achievements. It may be passed on to our service providers and groups affiliated with the University, such as alumni organisations and foundations (local and overseas), Sydney University Sport & Fitness and residential colleges. Your name may be published in the annual honour roll. If you wish to remain anonymous or do not wish to receive information, please contact Advancement Services via fax (F +61 2 8627 8819), or email (E alumni.updates@sydney.edu.au). The University abides by the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act.  For further information about how the University deals with personal information, see http://sydney.edu.au/privacy-policy.html.

Who should I contact with questions about crowdfunding?

For more information about starting a crowdfunding project, please call +61 2 8627 8818, or email development.fund@sydney.edu.au.

For more information about your gift to a crowdfunding project, please call +61 2 8627 8807, or email advancement-services.gifts@sydney.edu.au.