Madii Himbury - Five By '25

Madii Himbury - Five By '25

Some words from Madii Himbury - 2018 Winter Olympian and USyd student studying a Bachelor of Applied Science.

Being apart of the Sydney Uni EAP program has enabled me to complete my undergraderate degree whilst focusing on my sporting endeavours.  I find the tutoring services extremely helpful, enabling me to catch up on the practical component of my science degree. I also love training at the high performance gym with a program S&C Shane Ball. The gym provides all the equipment necessary for my dry land training.  My scholarship provides me with the opportunity to train at a high level whilst studying to ensure I have more opportunities available to me once I finish ski training. 

The challenge of being an elite athlete is balancing my sporting and academic commitments. It involves a lot of planning and organisations to complete both to a high level. The EAP program provides mentors to help us liaise with unit coordinators and tutors each semester. This includes applying for time off university classes, changes to assessments as well as organising tutoring to catch up on missed content. It is important not to overload and burn out, as I want to enjoy all the great experiences I am lucky enough to be apart of. 

The Five by 25 program is important program to support all the competitive athletes with high long term aspirations. This program allows athletes the opportunity to pursue  their academic and sporting goals and aspirations. The five by 25 campaign will ensure the future of the EAP program, that makes such as difference to so many people!


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A passion for sporting success is embedded in Australia's identity. Sportspeople are our heroes – we share their journeys and understand that becoming a champion is a full-time commitment. For over 25 years, student athletes at the University of Sydney have been awarded sports scholarships. In 1990, three student athletes received support. Now, nearly 400 elite athletes are supported each year. These athletes face the unique challenge of managing an intense training and competition schedule, alongside their demanding academic endeavours. Assisting the University’s sporting clubs and elite athletes who strive for brilliance in sport and academic has contributed to this success. The Elite Athlete Program provides a broad suite of invaluable services so our most promising athletes can reach their potential.

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With your help, our goal is to raise $5 million by 2025.  Enable remarkable achievement, bright futures and the University of Sydney’s tradition of success in sport. Donate today and help us achieve 125 more years of excellence.

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As of 25 January 2018, we have raised $1.383 million Thank you to all those who have donated. Your gift will help to ensure that excellence in sport and tertiary studies remains achievable for the University of Sydney’s athletes and sporting clubs.

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