Jaime Ryan - 5 By '25

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Jaime Ryan - 5 By '25

Some words from Jaime Ryan - Sailor who represented Australia at the Rio Olympics studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney.

The support of the USyd EA program is what has enabled me to continue with my studies whilst pursuing my Olympic ambitions in sailing over the last four years. Without the support of Anika and the program, and their assistance to balance my studies around months of overseas training and competitions during semester time, I don’t know how I would have managed!  As well as helping us to coordinate our studies around our often challenging schedules, the program offers access to tutoring, nutrition, psychological and strength and conditioning services- the new TAG Family Foundation Grandstand is my favourite spot to train when I’m home in Sydney!

The EA program has also given me the great opportunity to meet other student athletes facing the same challenges that I do, and build networks with athletes from different disciplines. Sport and study can each be stressful in their own right, so extra support in juggling the combination of both is hugely beneficial. 

What are the challenges of being an elite student athlete?

The biggest challenge of being an elite student athlete is to succeed in both at a high level - it requires a lot of dedication, a lot of determination, and a lot of planning! I’ve learnt that is also requires the ability to rely on a s strong support network, and the EA program has been a key part of mine over the years.

Why is Five By 25 important to you? - Why have you chosen to give back by becoming an ambassador?  

I know for myself how much the support of the EA program has meant to me over the years - I know that my career as an athlete has an end date, and I want to be confident that I have a pathway mapped out for myself after that. Being able to continue with my studies despite the challenges of my lifestyle is what has kept me happy and balanced as an athlete and, I believe, is a big part of what has helped my succeed as an athlete. I am the first to encourage younger athletes to continue pursuing their other ambitions outside of their sport, and programs like the EAP play a huge role in enabling this choice for athletes. 

 Support for the Five for 25 Campaign is support for the future generations of academic athletes, so please help us to continue the University's incredible sporting legacy. 


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