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Dr Pegah Varamini's Breast Cancer Research

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Dr Pegah Varamini's Breast Cancer Research

Exploring new ways to treat breast cancer

For many, the idea about using turmeric as a treatment for breast cancer might seem odd. However, a University of Sydney researcher is looking at how a simple ingredient in our kitchen cupboards could help treat one of the most challenging types of breast cancer.

Dr Pegah Varamini’s research focus is on triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) which affects around 15 per cent of breast cancer patients – for which there are currently no targeted therapies. She is looking to change that.

Giving cancer patients more than one option

Right now, triple-negative breast cancer patients only have general chemotherapy as a treatment option - which targets normal healthy cells as well as cancer cells.

In her ground-breaking research, Dr Varamini is using curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, which has been shown to have potential use in the treatment of conditions such as cancer and inflammation.

Using technology, she had developed an approach that allows the curcumin to specifically attack the cancerous cells, leaving the normal healthy cells unharmed.

Help take this research to clinical trials

What often holds back progress in important research is a lack of resources. The technology is hugely expensive, as is running treatment trials.

With your help, Dr Varamini will be able to take steps towards completing preclinical trials and later starting clinical trials to see how this exciting approach could work for different breast cancers. But most importantly, it could lead to giving triple negative breast cancer patients the option of having a safe and targeted drug therapy.

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About Dr Pegah Varamini

Dr Pegah Varamini is an early career researcher, lecturer and group leader in Cancer Theme within the School of Pharmacy. She is the leader of Breast Cancer Targeting-Drug Delivery Group. Dr Varamini was awarded the prestigious National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) fellowship and grant in Jan 2016.

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