Matt Solomon - 5 By '25

Matt Solomon - 5 By '25

 How has being a part of the USyd EAP helped you? The EAP has been a huge help, not only from a sporting point of view, but academically as well. I have been able to take time off to compete and attend events overseas, while keeping my studies in check. Working with some of the country's top strength and conditioning coaches has increased my performance inside the car, but more than that the program offers the highest level in tuition, nutritional advice and mental coaching for us athletes, making sure we excel in all aspects.

What are the challenges of being an elite student athlete? The biggest challenge is the commitment and sacrifices that have to be made in order to reach the top of your sport, while pursuing a University degree. It is never easy to balance a professional sporting career, the demands of a tertiary education as well as a personal life. Being part of such a comprehensive program like the USyd EAP has allowed me to achieve a good balance between training, competing and studying.

Why is Five By 25 important to you? - Why have you chosen to give back by becoming an ambassador?

Five By 25 is important to me as I’ve faced some tough challenges over the past few years as a student athlete. Motorsport and sport in general is a highly competitive industry and you never know when it might come to and end. Having the back up of a University Degree from such a prestigious institution allows an athlete to prepare well for the next chapter of their lives. I believe that the Five By 25 initiative will bring an even higher level of support to student athletes all around the country.


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