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In Loving Memory of Terri Paterson

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In Loving Memory of Terri Paterson

In honour of the extraordinary life and contributions of Terri Paterson (nee Haas), we invite you to make a gift to support the important cancer research work led by Terri's oncologist, Prof Fran Boyle, and her team. 

Prof Boyle has provided Terri with nearly ten years of devoted oncology care. The advances in medicine and research over this time helped to ensure a better quality of life for Terri during the course of her treatment. 

The Paterson family hope that with your support, more patients can directly benefit from applied research and enjoy more precious time with their loved ones. 

The Paterson family extend their gratitude for your support in recent months, and are humbled by the outpouring of love that has been shown for this remarkably elegant, strong, and visionary woman. 

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