Canine cancer research currently led by Dr Christopher Weir

More progress has been made thanks to you

June 27, 2019

Thanks to your support, our research into canine cancer is breaking new ground. We wanted to provide you with an update on what you have helped make possible.


We are over halfway to our $50,000 goal.


We have now treated nearly 150 dogs across Australia with a personalised vaccine in the past 2 years. We now know the vaccine is safe and have enough evidence that it works for some cancers. The aim is now to focus on these cancer types (Mast cell tumours, Lymphoma, Haemangiosarcoma, Squamous cell carcinoma and carcinomas in general).


Our fabulous PhD student and vet Annika (UQLD) is winding up her PhD and has done some amazing work treating patients but has also collected samples from patients (blood and tumour) which is giving us an idea on what happens inside a tumour when the vaccine works.


A big thank you to all the Veterinary Oncologists and Vets who have worked with us on this project and to the owners who have trusted us with their canine companions via participating in the study.


We’re happy to say that all the dogs featured in the video are doing well another 8 months on. This research takes a long time and will be at least another 2 years of recruiting and treating patients, before this may become a recognised therapy.


Last but not least, we are now close to receiving approval for a study of the vaccine within human patients; this wouldn't have been possible without the Canine Cancer Project and your donation. 


If you would like to make a donation this financial year please donate before the end of June.

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