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In Loving Memory of Chris Fogarty

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In Loving Memory of Chris Fogarty

As a government lawyer, Chris worked in interesting areas, including the Parliamentary Library, the Senate, extradition and mutual agreement and as General Council at APRA.

As a volunteer he and his wife, Mary, worked in Papua New Guinea for 12 months in 1972 . For many years, he was a member, then Chairman, of what is now Australian Volunteers International. After he retired, he volunteered at and was a member of the Board for the Asylum Seekers Centre in Sydney.

Chris enjoyed, among other things, music, cycling, travel, friends and family. In 2012, symptoms developed that were diagnosed as a rare condition, Multi System Atrophy. This gradually ate away his enjoyment of these pursuits. Increasing weakness and fatigue, made basic activities such as walking, writing and eating difficult and ultimately impossible. Thankfully, it never took away his wit, kindness, intelligence, curiosity and appetite for life.

In lieu of flowers, we invite you to make a gift to support research which is improving understanding and treatment of Multi System Atrophy at the University of Sydney, currently led by Chris' neurologist, Professor Simon Lewis. Professor Lewis is utilising a range of novel techniques including neuroimaging, neurophysiology, neuropathology, chronobiology and neurogenetics to improve the lives of those living with a neurodegenerative disease.

The Fogarty family thank you for your generosity.

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