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University of Sydney participates in Spaceport America Cup

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University of Sydney participates in Spaceport America Cup

The University of Sydney’s rocketry team

The University’s student rocketry team is Australia’s oldest tertiary student rocketry team – a dynamic group of student engineers who design and manufacture high-powered sounding rockets, constantly pushing boundaries in the rocketry environment. In 2018, the team became the first Australian university team to successfully reach 10,000 ft.

The competition

In 2019, the team became the first Australian university team to compete in the Spaceport America Cup. Held annually in New Mexico, the Spaceport America Cup is the world's largest intercollegiate rocket engineering conference and competition. The competition is of a design-build-fly style with the aim of accurately reaching a target altitude, putting students to the ultimate test with real world launch system challenges. With the 2018 competition attracting over 100 teams from around the world, the event is a gathering of the best and brightest young talent.

The win

The University of Sydney Rocketry Team was announced as a winner in the Spaceport America Cup, having competed in the 10,000 feet commercial off-the-shelf category. Competing against 51 student teams from around the globe, including Princeton and ETH Zurich, the University of Sydney team claimed victory with its custom-built rocket, Silvereye, in the 10,000 feet commercial off-the-shelf category.This incredible feat is now considered the biggest achievement for Australian university student rocketry! 

Extending the University curriculum outside the classroom

The University of Sydney's representative team of incredible students hope to continue to showcase the best of the University's student aerospace engineering capabilities on the world stage in future Spaceport America Cup competitions. 

We need your support 

Please donate today to support the University’s rocketry team’s participation in Spaceport America Cup. Your donation will help our students travel and compete in the competition on behalf of the University of Sydney in years to come, increasing the awareness of the University's first-class aerospace engineering program. All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting the University’s incredible students compete in Spaceport America Cup!

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