Youth Mental Health Research at the BMC

Youth Mental Health Research at the BMC

One in four young people will develop a mental illness, with half of those people having lifelong issues.

We have all had our lives touched by mental illness, whether affecting us personally, or through a loved one. In the past, treatment could be haphazard. Today, the University’s Brain and Mind Centre is developing personalised treatments and online-access projects that allow young people to reach out for help early. Early intervention can make a huge difference.

Research requires donations

Mental health is generally underfunded by governments, so every dollar you give will make a huge difference in the research that our Brain and Mind Centre is able to do to help improve the lives of so many young people living with mental health disorders. 

How you can help

Every gift counts, no matter the size, and 100% of every gift on this page will go directly to working alongside health services to develop innovative treatments for those aged 12-25 with emerging mental health disorders. All gifts $2 and above are tax-deductible.

Don't forget to share this link with your friends and family as we lead the way for a better mental health for young people. 

Thank you for helping young people get the treatment they deserve. 

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