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The Mummy Project

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The Mummy Project

Bringing an Egyptian coffin back to life in the Nicholson Museum

The University of Sydney's world renowned Nicholson Museum is undergoing an exciting research project, titled the Mummy Project. This project, in collaboration with Sydney Analytical (SA), hopes to help preserve and restore Mummy artifacts, such Mer-Neith-it-es...


2,600 year old Mummy

The Nicholson Museum contains an extraordinary 2,600 year-old cedarwood coffin for a woman named Mer-Neith-it-es, a former Priestess who lived and died in Egypt, 600BC. Unfortunately, the coffin is faded. In an international ‘first’, the museum hopes to re-colour a digital model of the coffin, so that this remarkable object can be exhibited as it once looked. In collaboration with Sydney Analytical, the Museum hopes to identify traces of pigments from now-faded hieroglyphs to provide a robust scientific foundation on which this ambitious re-creation will be based. This would involve detecting "ghosted" heiroglyphs that once decorated the surface of the coffin. The team can then illustrate a digital model of the coffin as it once looked, a unique piece of research for any museum in the world.



We need your support

We seek funds to use new scientific technology to restore and conserve artifacts, such as Mer-Neith-it-es, for future generations to see. 



                                                                                           Courtesy of Dr A. Howells and Dr B. Drabsch, School of Creative Industries, UoN.

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Support the University of Sydney's Mummy Project at the Nicholson Museum, and help us restore ancient Mummies such as the 2,600 year-old Mer-Neith-it-es coffin.

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ABC Interview with the Nicholson Museum's Dr Jamie Fraser



                                                                                        Courtesy of Dr A. Howells and Dr B. Drabsch, School of Creative Industries, UoN.


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