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Eastside Sydney Music Festival

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Eastside Sydney Music Festival

Support the inauguration of a new and exciting festival – Eastside Sydney Music Festival.

About the festival

Curated by artistic director Neal Peres Da Costa (Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music), Eastside Sydney Music Festival (ESMF) will bring together many of Australia’s finest musicians in one week of concerts.

Among the 13 fabulous events, the 2019 ESMF includes three Sydney-based classical music ensembles – Ironwood, Australian Haydn Ensemble and Muffat Collective and an 8-concert Music Trail (in which the audience circulates around 8 eclectic venues), to feast on beautiful and diverse sounds from the classical, jazz, pop, and folk idioms.

The Eastside Sydney Music Festival will foster and support the presentation of beautiful music from classical to jazz and popular forms, in eclectic and spaces bijoux spaces – town and church halls, community centres, pubs, shops, and street corners. The festival includes main stage concerts, a music trail, buskers, and free events including community singing. 

Aims of the Eastside Sydney Music Festival:

  1. Venue hire in Sydney is prohibitively expensive. The festival aims to support up-and-coming as well as established musicians by giving them access to venues they would otherwise not be able to afford to help grow Sydney’s music and cultural scene
  2. Develop greater awareness of Sydney’s extraordinary history, buildings, topography and cultural heritage as a world-leading city
  3. Enhance community engagement, health and well-being, and lifestyle

We need your support

ESMF will bring music into the east side of Sydney, exploring and reinvigorating eclectic spaces in and around the Oxford St area including Paddington Town Hall, Paddington Uniting Church, Juniper Hall, the many pubs, and other venues around Five Ways and Rushcutters Bay.

It takes money to establish and run a festival. I am trying to raise $50,000 dollars for this year’s festival. I have already raised about $25,000 through donations, fund raising events and in-kind support.

I hope you can help me to raise another $20,000 through this crowd funding campaign. This could be achieved if everyone gives just a little.

Festivals are about life, community spirit and above all enjoyment. I hope you will come on this exciting journey and help me establish the Eastside Sydney Music Festival.

Eastside Sydney Music Festival is a festival for all of us.

Help enrich Sydney's arts scene and the lives of its community by making a donation today. 100% of all donations will support the Eastside Sydney Music Festival.

Thank you for your support.

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