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Cathy's Birthday

In celebration of Cathy's 50th birthday, please consider making a donation to support cancer research at the University of Sydney.

Cathy's Birthday

It will be my 50th birthday on the 31st August, and in lieu of gifts, I would be grateful if you would consider a donation to a cause close to many: cancer research at the University of Sydney.

2019 has been, for me, a year of reflection. Fifty years ago, as man first walked on the moon, my then very-heavily-pregnant-mother, Narelle (herself a USyd graduate), was on our family farm near Narromine - not too far from the Parkes Radio Telescope that played a pivotal role in the moon landing!  I wonder now, all these years later, what she must have thought: about to bring her first child into the world at the dawn of an exciting new era.  What were the hopes and dreams she had – for herself? for me? for all of us?  As many of you know, my Mum died from breast cancer in 1993, aged 49. I think of her every day, and would have dearly loved her wisdom and guidance to be present as I’ve sought to navigate my own path as a mother. 

Many of us have lost loved ones over the years; many to cancer.  I am privileged to work for the Cancer Research Network at the University of Sydney.  I work with many wonderful, inspiring and committed researchers, clinicians and staff who use their gifts, talents and abilities in the hope of finding a cure for cancer.  They do so, whilst providing supportive care to the patients and their families whose hopes and dreams have been rendered uncertain. 

If you wish, please consider a donation to  cancer research at the University of Sydney - or to another area of medical or mental health research at the University.  Loss affects us all but together we can make a difference and find meaning and hope by giving back. Fifty years on from the moon landing, let’s see what new horizons we can reach!

Inevitably, moments – such as turning 50! – prompt poignant reflection when we remember loved ones.  But I also want to celebrate with friends and family the love and support that we all still enjoy together.  I look forward to happy times in the days and years ahead.

Thank you for your support,

Love Cathy Sanderson (nee Barnett)

100% of your donation will go directly to cancer research at the University of Sydney, with no administrative costs. 

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. 

If you would prefer to donate via telephone please call the University of Sydney’s gift hotline via 02 8627 8818.

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