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3D Organ Printing Research currently led by Prof. Hala Zreiqat

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3D Organ Printing Research currently led by Prof. Hala Zreiqat

The harsh reality of organ donations


Everyday Australians encounter a plethora of obstacles when they require an organ transplant, from a lack of organs available, to transplant rejection, all of which can adversely impact both organ donors and recipients. As life expectancy in Australia continues to increase, there will be a significant increase in the need for organs to replace the damaged ones.   


Australians could soon be implanted with 3D printed organs

University of Sydney's Professor Hala Zreiqat is testing ways in which 3D printing technologies could be used to make 3D printed organs an option for patients. Professor Zreiqat's research uses a novel 3D printing technology, flow lithography, to fabricate synthetic tissue structures. Using flow lithography, Professor Zreiqat is able to fabricate materials with patterned microproperties that orchestrate complex cell behaviours, including the regulation of stem cell fate and generation of structured microtissues. This research could lead the way to bringing 3D printed organs one step closer to everyday Australians. 


Support groundbreaking research to make 3D printed organs a reality. 

Research breakthroughs require time and support. To take this research to the next step we need your help. Please make your tax deductible gift today and bring 3D printed organs closer to reality. 100% of every donation will go directly to supporting 3D organ printing research currently led by Professor Hala Zreiqat at the University of Sydney. 

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. 

Professor Hala Zreiqat is the Director of the Australian Research Centre for Innovative BioEngineering and the Head of the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit at the University of Sydney.



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