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Student Scholarships

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Student Scholarships

Missing out on a university education is the difficult reality for too many high school students from a variety of backgrounds. We need your help so these talented students can reach their full potential.


Jessica is a good example of what’s possible. After earning her Bachelor of Education (Primary), Jessica found herself drawn to students with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum. Jessica wanted to learn more to help those who needed additional support, so she decided to continue her education and soon she was on her way to completing a PhD. Unfortunately, due to the workload of her studies, Jessica had to leave her job. This meant that she was juggling financial stress along with the pressure of completing her PhD. 


Thankfully, due to the generosity of the late Raymond L Debus, Sydney alumnus and University psychology teacher whom left a significant bequest to the University of Sydney to support PhD students, Jessica was able to complete her PhD without financial stress.


Student scholarships can help a variety of students.


Stephen was a talented high school student in Coonabarabran in north-west NSW, but the cost of studying and living in Sydney was so daunting he thought he’d never achieve his dream of attending university.  He is now a third year Bachelor of Science student because he was awarded a University of Sydney E12 scholarship. 


Thanks to an E12 scholarship, Stephen was able to excel in his studies and cover a significant portion of his accommodation expenses. It also gave him an iPad to ensure he could fully engage with his classes.


Your donation today could allow more students like Jessica and Stephen to thrive without financial stress and pursue a life-transforming education. Will you support our hopeful students with a tax-deductible gift?


By making a gift today, you can help more students, like Jessica and Stephen, to realise their potential and achieve their dreams through academic excellence.  Every dollar donated goes directly towards helping students in need. 

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible.    

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