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The end of team Eve’s journey

January 08, 2020

As we enter the new year, team Eve, wishes everyone a safe and happy 2020.


The bushfire disaster is foremost in all our minds and for those who are, and have been, affected by this tragedy we send our heartfelt condolences.


May we, as a country of strong and resilient people, rise to the task of rectification of damage done to property and land, rebuilding what has been destroyed. Unfortunately we cannot bring back those who have perished but all our thoughts are with them and the families that they have left behind.


On an extremely much lighter note however, Team Eve are back on land, safe and sound.


The journey and experience that everyone of us taking part in this adventure has had in the forefront of our minds for the last 14 months has come to an end.


To say that we had a dream run would be an understatement.


As we sailed out of Sydney Harbour on a picture postcard December day, none of us knew what was in front of us. The excitement and wonderment of the unknown was apparent on all our faces. Sailing down the Coast towards Hobart had begun, and the exhilaration had to be felt to be described.


Then began what turned out to be the hardest task we had to face. Four hours on shift and four hours off shift. Nothing better than being woken at 2am in the morning by your buddy to inform you that your were needed on deck! Many a swear word could be heard at changeover. At times the greatest effort was needed to climb out of a bunk with the boat leaning against your body at 45 degrees or higher. However, we managed.


As is everything in life, preparation was the key. We were incredibly well trained and informed from day one. Safety at sea was paramount and it was obvious from the start that all on board took this so very seriously.


Off we ventured down the coast of NSW and on past Victoria.


Crossing Bass Strait and entering the home stretch of the Derwent River was surreal for the team. We had been hearing about this magnificent, sometimes treacherous stretch of water for longer than we care to remember but I must say that we were all floating on air.


Arriving at Constitution Dock and being greeted by family and friends who had flown down to greet us was the icing on the cake. These people had been as much with us on our journey from day one . Our loved ones had gone through more emotion than I think we had and we know that they endured a couple of sleepless nights along the way.


An incredible journey of achievement, camaraderie and life long memories.


Thanks to your support, we have raised almost $62,079 so far. With only a small number of days before the end of our fundraising upon us, we hope that we can fulfil our dream of raising the $75,000 dollars target that set out to achieve.


Thank you,

Team Eve

Michael D., Raymond, Phil, Michael H., Laurence and Daniel.


Preparing to set sail

December 20, 2019

Well here we are …..Days out from this incredible adventure and fully prepared to rock and roll. The boat is ready, preened, beautiful, strong and seaworthy.


Our captain Steve and professional crew have trained us to the highest level that we could have ever hoped for. To be part of this incredible team about to climb the Everest of the sailing world is so very exciting.


Last weekend a family sailing day was held on Eve and apart from our loved ones now certain that we must be a little crazy, it was an important step in our preparation mentally for all concerned.


Final training day and starting techniques coming up and then we are off.


Thank you again for your support. We are so grateful for your generous donation to University of Sydney Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s research. Thanks to you, we have raised $49,765 so far. 


We can be tracked along the way via the Rolex Sydney to Hobart tracker and looking forward to reporting further in due course.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Michael D., Raymond, Phil, Michael H., Laurence and Daniel.


Thank you for your support

December 11, 2019

Thank you for your thoughtful, generous support and encouragement We really appreciate it. 


We wanted to share an update with you. We have now completed the final two events in our training programme - a Monday twilight race on Sydney Harbour, which was excellent sail changing practice, and the offshore Bird Island race on Saturday, an 80 nautical mile race up the coast and back. Eve held her own early on, amongst some of the biggest and fastest boats in the fleet, but was caught on the way back in unpredictable and fickle winds forcing a retirement (along with a number of other yachts in the race). Regardless, it was a great learning experience in which the team came together well and the novice crew members continued to learn from our more experienced colleagues.


We look forward to your support and encouragement as our nine month training programme comes to an end and we make final preparations for the S2H!


Michael D., Raymond, Phil, Michael H., Laurence and Daniel.


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