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Osteoarthritis Research at the University of Sydney

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Osteoarthritis Research at the University of Sydney

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Make a donation to support osteoarthritis research at the University of Sydney, currently led by Professor David Hunter.

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic disease of the joint, and one of the leading causes of pain and disability. Osteoarthritis is also a leading cause of early retirement. To curb the exponential burden of osteoarthritis on individuals and communities, effective prevention and management of osteoarthritis and cost-effective health services are essential.

University of Sydney's researchers specialising in Osteoarthritis have a vision to identify evidence-based strategies that can be easily implemented to manage osteoarthritis, by conducting meaningful research.

Some of the team's recent projects  to promote effective translation of research into evidence-based practice and policy include:

  • Development of the National Osteoarthritis strategy in 2018, which identified seven priority areas from prevention and early management to surgery and rehabilitation, designed for healthcare professionals and the community.
  • Development of the Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) model of care with the Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI). In 2012, this was the first multidisciplinary program made available for patients with osteoarthritis, and is currently being scaled out by NSW Health to all public hospitals through the Leading Better Value Care initiative.
  • The OA change map project to aid the development of tools and strategies to address identified barriers and gaps in delivery mechanisms of care in NSW. We aim to develop and trial model training resources, customised for individual healthcare professions, and delivered via multiple learning pathways.  
  • Vast array of clinical trials to address different aspects of osteoarthritis, which in turn translate into the outcomes mentioned above. A few examples include projects studying the effect of stem cells on alleviating symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, and effect of nutraceutical supplements in alleviating pain related to hand osteoarthritis.

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Your donation will support osteoarthritis research at the University of Sydney, currently led by Professor David Hunter. This support will contribute towards research activities which could include clinical trials, research salary support, and PhD Scholarships. Your donation could help build our research strengths and fuel the next research breakthrough. Your generosity could inspire new ideas and discoveries. With your support and our commitment to solving one of the world’s greatest problems, we can make a difference to our world together.

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