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Bushfire Emergency Veterinary Appeal

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Your generosity amazes us

June 17, 2020

Your support continues to make a difference in Australia's recovery from the disastrous bushfires of early 2020. 

Amid these challenging times caused by COVID-19, we hope to lift your spirits with an update of what your generosity is making possible.

Earlier this year, NSW experienced the most devastating bushfires on record with an estimated 1 Billion native animals lost in the 18.6 Million hectares destroyed over a 6-month period. 

The team at the Avian Reptile and Exotic Hospital were on the frontline and continue to work to finish the recovery work that was started back in November and continues until now. Our records show that the highest number of animals seen were koalas, turtles, native birds, kangaroos and wombats - around 100 animals in total.

We were very pleased to be able to update you in early March 2020 on some of the stories and pictures of the individual animals we had cared, this has all been possible through your generous donations. We are writing to provide a further update to our wildlife supporters.  

As you know, we increased our target to $70,000 earlier in the year and asked the community to rise to the challenge of supporting the cost of treatment of our recovering bushfire animals.

We are incredibly grateful to the many people who have continued to give because they understand that recovery of health and habitat is a long process for bushfire victims. Individual donors are now up to 366 in total – one for every day of this leap year! - a magnificent achievement. We are so close to our target, just shy of $54000- this is an amazing outcome of your generosity, and with a month to go, we can still make it. Donations have come from across the world, including Italy, Brazil, Japan, UK to name but a few. Locally, so many people in Australia have given with a heart of compassion - those who wanted to honour the memory of animals they had known or cared for, firefighters who served and to remember people or family members who they admired.

Our Donor Wall shows we have still been receiving generous gifts during April and May because people feel the need still to honour the work done and recognise the fact that the care of distressed wildlife never stops.

Any further funds raised could be used to prepare for the next bushfire season. We need to be ready as often there is so little warning.. 

If you are not able to give, please share our project with your friends and family through social media and your networks.

Thank you so much for your generous support. We cannot put into words how much your donation means to us.


Look what you have made possible

March 04, 2020

Your generous support has allowed our Bushfire Emergency Veterinary Appeal to raise $45,646.

We can’t thank you enough.  

Your gift is helping University veterinary staff care for our injured wildlife.

Your generosity has allowed us to purchase much needed equipment and medicines to care for the animals left injured and homeless from the bushfire devastation.

Thanks to you, the Avian Reptile Exotic Pets Hospital is offering veterinary and nursing care seven days a week.

Your support has sent our staff and veterinary students to the frontline to treat animals, provide expert advice on the care and teach our students best practice in the care of bushfire affected wildlife. We have produced educational videos for wildlife carers, front line vets and other members of the community.

The destruction of the bushfires has caused devastation to us all. But it has allowed us to educate the community on the bushfire crisis, how we can manage our environment and care for animals.

We have trialled new innovative healing products, such as the use of tilapia fish skin for kangaroos suffering burns. By using the tilapia skin, the kangaroos were able to be released to recover in their natural environment, where over time the stitches will become loose and the fish skin will wear away. Click here to read more about the treatment.

We have provided veterinary care to the kangaroos suffering serious burn injuries at Possumwood Wildlife Sanctuary at Bungendore. The Sanctuary has experienced an incredible influx kangaroos, and our staff were there ready to assist. All because of you.

We are overwhelmed by the incredible support we have received from our alumni, staff, students and friends of the University.

But there is still much work to be done.

We have increased the campaign target to $70,000 to allow our dedicated veterinary staff to continue their involvement in the recovery process.

From all the wildlife we have been able to treat, the communities we have been able to support, and for the difference we have been able to make, we thank you.

We couldn’t have done it without you.


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