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Low back pain research

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Low back pain research

Support low back pain research currently led by Professor Manuela Ferreira at the University of Sydney. 


Right at this moment, one fifth of the global population are suffering with low back pain.


Low back pain directly impacts a person’s ability to perform simple daily activities, even simple lifting tasks, and is one of the leading causes of Australians being unable to work. Every year, over $9 billion is spent on low back pain treatments and related expenses.


Despite the huge burden of low back pain to the patient and to society (over $2 billion spent annually on treatments for low back pain), it remains a neglected area for funding, especially when considering the support directed to other conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Support and sustainability of research in this area is the foundation for the move towards improving health outcomes, quality of life and reducing the direct and indirect costs of this condition.


Our team, led by the University of Sydney researcher Professor Manuela Ferreira, is committed to changing this reality by improving access and quality of care for people with low back pain.


Our vision is to promote health and quality of life for the millions of people who suffer with low back pain. Our projects include identifying what causes low back pain, and how we can manage it by evaluating commonly prescribed treatments for back pain. Some of the research projects we are conducting include:

  • World’s first placebo controlled trial of spinal surgery for people with lumbar spinal stenosis;

  • Development and evaluation of a text-message based self-management approach to empower and support people with acute low back pain;

  • Development of a multidisciplinary model of care to reduce unnecessary surgery for low back pain;

  • Development of a media campaign to improve awareness among consumers (patients and clinicians) of evidence-based management options for low back pain.

We are also committed to designing and testing innovative, accessible, technology-based interventions that could speed recovery and decrease the negative impact of low back pain globally.


You can make a difference.


Please make a donation today to support low back pain research currently led by Professor Manuela Ferreira at the University of Sydney. Your support could contribute towards research activities such as clinical trials, research salary support, and PhD Scholarships. Your generosity could inspire new ideas and discoveries.


With your support and our commitment to solving the world’s number one cause of disability, we can make a difference together.

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