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Research into coronavirus and other infectious diseases

Support The University of Sydney

Research into coronavirus and other infectious diseases

Support research into coronavirus and other infectious diseases at the University of Sydney, currently led by Associate Professor Benjamin Tang.

Associate Professor Tang and his team at the University of Sydney are developing a blood test to predict which COVID-19 patients may develop life-threatening complications requiring urgent medical treatment.

“As the COVID-19 crisis accelerates, hospitals around the world are treating thousands of patients each day. It is no longer enough to only know that they are infected. It is now vital to identify which patient to send home, which patient you should admit to hospital, and which patient you need to refer to ICU.”  - Associate Professor Benjamin Tang

Led by Associate Professor Benjamin Tang, a team at the University of Sydney’s Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity are developing a blood test to identify which COVID-19 patients can safely self-isolated at home, and which patients need to be admitted to hospital for urgent, life-saving medical treatment. This test will allow doctors to triage patients efficiently and help reduce the rising burden of COVID-19 on public hospitals around Australia.

“The test could play a critical role during this pandemic by identifying those at greater risk of serious complications when there may be long lead times to develop vaccines for specific virus strains” - Associate Professor Benjamin Tang

Identifying patients most at risk.

This innovative test aims to be the world’s first biomarker test to provide doctors with critical information on a patient’s immune system responses to coronavirus. It measures an early warning signal emitted from inside the immune system of an infected patient. Associate Professor Benjamin Tang has already proven that a similar test is highly accurate in patients with severe flu.

Will you support this ground-breaking research?

Urgent support is needed to fast-track this research into practice. The test could allow our emergency specialists to allocate resources where they are vitally needed.

Your gift can make a difference.

Please make a donation today to support research into coronavirus and other infectious diseases at the University of Sydney, currently led by Associate Professor Benjamin Tang. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax payers.

If you would like to learn more about supporting this research, please contact the University of Sydney's Annual Giving team via telephone (02 9552 2539) or email (

Declaration: Associate Professor Tang declares no competing interests. This project is currently in phase 1, continuing work will be subject to ethics approval and peer-review processes.

In the event that funds are raised which exceed the amount required for the research described above, the University will apply those funds to support other research by the University related to coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Image credit: Janie Barrett / The Sydney Morning Herald 

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