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Imagine knowing that the little eyesight you have will eventually dissipate into darkness.

Throughout your early adult life, your vision becomes more blurry, your independence is slowly pulled from your fingertips.

This is what life can be like for those experiencing cone-rod dystrophy.

Cone-rod dystrophy is an inherited eye disease that affects both the cone and rod cells of the retina. These cells are responsible for our colour perception, how we navigate our surroundings and live day to day.

Globally,1 in every 30,000 individuals are impacted by cone-rod dystrophy.

Through the deterioration of the cone cells, those living with this disease lose their colour perception and vision clarity, eventually leading to complete blindness.

Usually diagnosed in early infancy or early childhood, the progression of deterioration occurs during an individual’s early adult life.

This silent disease needs your help today.

Please give today to help those living with cone-rod dystrophy

Research taking place at the University of Sydney aims to develop better treatments and hopefully an eventual cure for cone-rod dystrophy.

Our research is focused on development of new genetic therapy applications for blinding genetic eye diseases. We have gained an international reputation for our work in genetic retinal diseases, including cone-rod dystrophies. We investigate the genetic causes contributing to these conditions, using specially lab grown retinal tissues, to determine underlying disease mechanisms and test new therapies. It is our hope that this research will help to inform development of new treatments and approaches to preserve or restore vision.

Our goal is to reach $25,000 as an initial step to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Your support can make a difference.

$25 could go towards research driven laboratory testing.

$50 could support vital research into new treatments for this disease.

$75 could help our clinicians access cutting-edge equipment for research.

$250 could help purchase specialised items needed for experiments.

$15,000 could help purchase a specialised microscope.

Please make a 100% tax-deductible gift today to support research into genetic retinal diseases conducted by the University of Sydney in association with Children's Medical Research Institute, with a preference for cone-rod dystrophies.


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