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The University of Sydney Business School City2Surf Fundraiser

Support The University of Sydney Business School team as they raise money for E12 Scholarships in the 2017 City2Surf
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The University of Sydney Business School City2Surf Fundraiser

The University of Sydney Business Alumni Network (BAN) is a recently established alumni and friends network based at the University of Sydney Business School. The BAN is aimed at facilitating the Business School's aspirations to become a leading global Business School with the best students, the most successful graduates, and the best researchers and research.

For the first time, this group has decided to participate in the 2017 City2Surf, the world’s largest fun run. They’ll use this as an opportunity to raise money for E12 scholarships and make a difference to the lives of future students. 

Everyone’s student experience is different, and so is their pathway to university. There isn’t just one way you can become a part of the University of Sydney's student cohort.

The Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme assist students from Low SES schools and backgrounds to gain access to the University and supports those students throughout their transition to tertiary education. The scheme shifts the focus from the ATAR alone, giving students the opportunity to show us more about themselves. The University of Sydney is committed to finding the leaders of tomorrow – the amazing young people who will set the academic, professional, artistic and intellectual agendas of the future. We are deeply committed to ensuring that the brightest students, regardless of their social or cultural background, have access to a world‑class education.

“I chose to study at the University of Sydney because of the unique opportunities it offers and the value it places on students as individuals. The E12 application is all about you. The University wants to see the type of person you are as a whole – E12 is not just based on the marks you produce in exams.” Laurie Yutuc Bachelor of Commerce E12 student

Help the team reach their goal by donating today! Every dollar counts.

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