3D Coral Reef Research

3D Coral Reef Research

Make a gift today for a healthier reef tomorrow. 

As climate change takes its toll on the Great Barrier Reef, coral bleaching continues to kill the coral that helps to maintain the complex habitats of marine organisms. As the coral dies, the reef rapidly erodes away, destroying these habitats and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

Associate Professor Will Figueira and his team have been using industrial-sized 3D printers to turn coral reef mapping information into detailed artificial reefs, where sea creatures can live in areas where dead reefs are collapsing.

Most recently, Associate Professor Will Figueira and his team have been looking at the 3D growth of coral from Palau, through the Great Barrier Reef to Lord Howe Island, in an effort to monitor the effects of climate change on these particular species. They've returned to their field station in One Tree Island and repeat mapped the large areas of reef that were mapped previously, to assess the changes in structural complexity that may have occurred due to coral  bleaching across the reef in 2016 and 2017. Associate Professor Will Figueira is working to develop partnerships to implement the actual 3D printing of small coral reef sub-units in order to restore some of the complexity that may have been lost due to the coral bleaching episodes. 

Still more to be done

Please consider making a gift today to enable the team to continue to conduct vital research to help protect our reef and the ecosystems that depend upon it.

More funding could enable the rehabilitation of more reef. If 10 people each gave $40 each, it could enable up to 20 square metres of 3D-printed reef.  

Your support for this exciting research is greatly appreciated. Please make a gift today for a healthier reef tomorrow. 



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