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We are proud to promote the University's crowdfunding platform where you can apply to raise funds for University initiatives that YOU care about.  


Below are some of the areas the University crowdfunds for:

  • Important University research projects.

  • Innovative University programs.

  • In celebration of someone's birthday, life or passing (in this instance the funds raised would go to a University area, research project or program). For memorial fundraising please contact the University directly via or +61 8627 7260

It is important to note that not all project applications will be deemed appropriate for crowdfunding. Successful applicants are those whose projects clearly demonstrate the following:

  • The project/program/research promotes the University's values and objectives.

  • The project/program/research is taking place at the University.

  • The University project/program/research is being undertaken by at least one of University's schools, faculties or multidisciplinary initiatives (for example: Charles Perkins Centre, Brain and Mind Centre, etc.)

  • The project campaigner (the individual/researcher/team submitting the application) has a supportive network base who will donate to the project (at least 25).

  • The project campaigner understands their role, being responsible for contacting their networks for donations via multiple platforms such as email, telephone, social media and face to face fundraising. 

Please note that we will only consider applications that have been fully completed. Please email or call +61(2) 8627 7260 should you have any questions or queries.

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

What is your affiliation with the University?*

Project campaigner's faculty*

Are you part of a specific University of Sydney school, faculty or multidisciplinary initiative?

What is the title of the project/program/research you hope to crowdfund for?*

What is the initiative you are fundraising for?

What is the title of your crowdfunding project?*

Can be the same as the project/program/research.

Please describe your crowdfunding project's purpose in two sentences?*

Is your project a clinical trial? If so, have you received ethics approval?*

Where is the project/program/research taking place?*

List school, faculty or multidisciplinary initiative.

Are you part of the project/program/research team?*

Who is involved in the project/program/research you hope to crowdfund for?*

Professor, Student, Professional Staff, Researcher (please include titles/roles where applicable).

How much money are you aiming to raise?*

Most projects aim to raise between $2,000 and $10,000.

Do you have existing images/photographs/video you could use for your project?*

How many people from your personal, professional and social networks do you expect to donate?*

Please note that not all your networks will donate and that the average gift is $70.

What communication strategies do you plan to utilise?*

Email, phone, social media platforms, face to face etc.

Can you confirm that you are aware that the crowdfunding project campaigner/team is responsible for managing and promoting all fundraising efforts?*

Can you confirm that you are aware that the crowdfunding project campaigner/team are responsible for contacting their own personal and wider connections for donations?*

Can you confirm that you have read and understood the University of Sydney’s Crowdfunding Guidelines?*

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